DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker Review

The DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker leads the pack in personal coffee machines, with its stunning preparation features and quality building materials. Constructed with beautiful and durable stainless steel components, the EC702 possesses outstanding qualities including an easy serving espresso filter and a sempre crema filter. This all combines to give you a perfectly home made cup or shot of cappuccino and espresso respectively. Below I will outline the main aspects and advantages of the EC702.

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1. Dual Function filter holder- This holder allows you to use both single-serve coffer containers(coffee pods) and ground coffee. So whatever your preference, the EC702 will cater to it while ensuring that you can interchange the pods and ground coffee without fear of reducing the quality of coffee brewed.

2. Cappuccino System Frother- The frother has a special compartment that mixes milk and steam to produce a deliciously creamy cup of cappuccino for you. This particular feature is patented and therefore is not available in other machines.

3. 44 Ounce Removable water tank- This water tank is extremely memorable as it has an indicator light to remind you that your tank needs to be refilled- no more days of going to get a cup of coffee only to realise that there is no water.

4. Anti-drip design- This is simply a coffee lovers dream. The anti-drip design equals zero mess and therefore zero clean up. By collecting any liquid that spills over as you are brewing your espresso or cappuccino, this design ensures that no excess drink spills on your counters, down your cabinets and onto your floor.

5. Easy cleaning- All in all the EC702 is an especially easy machine to clean. Most of its parts can be quickly dismantled e.g steamer nozzle and anti-drip collection tray, making the cleaning process simpler as you can focus on the parts where dirt or coffee particles accumulate.

6. Self-Priming Operation- This item cuts down the time it takes to make your cup of coffee by reducing the time spent waiting for your boiler to reach its optimal temperature.

7. Cup warming tray- Have you ever brewed a perfect cup of cappucino only to find that it has cooled down to an uninviting temperature? DeLonghi took this factor into mind when designing the EC702, and that is why this espresso maker comes equipped with a cup warming tray. With this tray, your cappuccino will be kept at a consistent temperature waiting for you to collect it.

8. Two seperate thermostats- These thermostats are tasked with regulating the steam and water pressure in order to allow for your cappuccino and espresso to be brewed at the perfect temperature at the same time.

In conclusion, the compact sized DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker is a must-have in your kitchen. This affrodable espresso maker is both easy to use and fast to brew. The 15 bar bump and top of the line stainless steel boiler work together to acheive constantly delicious espresso’s and cappuccino’s. Though there is concern that the steamer wand is not well placed and is sometimes restrictive, I assure you that like with every other espresso maker, time and practice will guarantee a perfect brew and in the same breath eliminate this problem. Gone are the days where making an espresso shot or cup of cappuccino at home was long and hard. With the EC702 this process becomes easy and fun, and gifts you a cup of coffee with bona fide flavous that cannot be replicated in the best coffee houses. So go and get yourself a DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker today.

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