KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine Review

The initial feature that attracted me to the KRUPS XP1000 was the compact 4-bar steam. I’ve used other machines over the years and always wanted a 4-bar machine. I must say that I’m highly satisfied, and not just with the 4-bar aspect.

This machine also has a very convenient steam nozzle that makes me feel like a real barista when i’m preparing my morning coffee.

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Another cool feature I didn’t even consider before making this purchase is the removable tray. With the other machines I’ve owned, they’ve been tough to clean and would get drip spots on the counter. This isn’t the case here, as all you need to do is take out the tray and wash it down, and I haven’t had to wipe away one drip spot in the whole time I’ve been using it.

When I first got it, I took some time to experiment with the water, steam, and coffee amounts in order to find out the best fit for my tastes. It was fun doing this, and I had it just right after a few trial and error runs.

The versatility of this machine means that you can really pay attention to taste and presentation, making adjustments until you’ve found just the right system. People with different tastes for their espresso will be able to find their perfect balance just like I have.

One major thing that you may overlook is that when this machine is finished brewing, the water doesn’t stay in the heat cavity. It is immediately evacuated, which makes for easier cleaning and allows you to have fresh water for each cup. This is a really huge advantage over other espresso makers.

Another great aspect is the size. I don’t have a huge amount of counter space, but this machine fits in there nicely due to being quite compact. But unlike other small model espresso machines this one packs most of the features you would expect with a much larger model.

Foaming and frothing were an issue on some of the small models I’ve used in the past. Sometimes the nozzle would get stuck in one place or the steamer would get clogged and stop producing steam. I haven’t experienced any of these issues with the KRUPS XP1000. As a matter of fact, the valve is very flexible and hasn’t given me any problems thus far. The steam is just the right level and doesn’t get clogged or start giving low steam volumes.

The setup feels very professional and I’ve had a great time getting my barista skills in order while preparing my morning espressos. The froth is always just right and I learned quickly how to adjust the froth so that I can produce cups that perfectly match my tastes.


The KRUPS XP1000 is definitely a great model for an affordable price. I was simply looking for a compact but efficient and high quality machine that would fit in my kitchen and deliver great morning pick-me-ups, and this machine has done just that. I would highly recommend it to any espresso lover.

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