Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind & Brew Coffeemaker Review

A great coffee maker with lovely design- that is what describes Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind & Brew Coffeemaker best. It is the best replacement to my old coffeemaker with its amazing and so affordable price. I was planning to buy a new one when my old coffee maker started troubling me. It was having coffee overflow problems while brewing and several other issues too. So I finally bought this coffee maker and I am telling you- it is pretty impressive value for the price.

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The best one that I can say is, when I bought it, I got rid of the very loud, jet engine like sound from my house! Unlike my old coffee maker, this one is so quiet and smooth, that I actually enjoy while preparing coffee for me. Believe me, you definitely want it.

I am so happy with its easy-to-use service that I even taught my kids to prepare some coffee in it. It is a smart coffee maker with fully programmability that auto shuts off and wakes up according to my need. It also gives an option to enjoy a mid-brew cup of coffee without much effort.

With its 12 cup capacity, it grinds and uses all the coffee beans completely and wholly. That makes me use the coffee beans in the exact amount. In the brewing process, the bottom of the metal plate plays a very good role. It gets well saturated and makes the coffee strong with the beans you have used. So that is why I use coffee beans in exact amount.

And of course the coffee tastes great! That is always our top most priority and this coffee maker serves the best coffee. The warming plate in the chamber keeps the coffee so hot that I can enjoy it after taking a nice bath when my kids have prepared it for me. I am not worried with my kids preparing it because even if they don’t use water from RO, this coffee maker has the charcoal water filter that removes impurities before brewing the coffee.

This is really a better choice than the expensive brands that we have. Easily programmable, high capacity, providing the best taste of coffee with total freshness and with 3 year warranty! What else one could demand!

The only thing in this coffee maker with which I am a little unhappy is its design that needs cleaning every time it is used. It is easy to wash, I mean, everything pops out automatically so that you can do it, but some parts- they really need to be washed every time you use it. I’m used to it because I had to do it with my old coffee maker too, but expected some easy design with this piece. Well, it doesn’t matter. I can’t bargain my coffee taste because of just the washing issue.

I am very happy with my coffee maker because all I want is a good and fresh taste and friendly attitude of the machine. This coffee maker is perfect for me. Try it; it is surely going to surprise you as it did to me!

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