De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker Review

De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Machine seems to be a pretty good choice at first sight. It has the looks, but does it have the features that you need from an espresso machine?

The De’Longhi EC860 is a semi-automatic espresso machine machine. The milk frothier is designed to deliver piping hot cappuccino into your cup, automatically. It is a pretty well thought out feature.

It comes with two options these are the manual steam with Panarello or auto steam with the carafe.

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Features of the De’Longhi EC860

The traditional steam wand of the De’Longhi EC860 plays two roles. You can either practice your barista skills or let do its magic in delivering perfect Americanos or tea.

There is the presence of a pressurized portafilter at the entry-level machine which has a basket for a pod either double or single. The pressurized portafilter dials in a consistent grind.

The presence of the water tank that has a filter reduces the level of chlorine in water for crisp, clean and odorless coffee shots.

You can customize the volume as well as the temperature of your drink. You can easily choose one of the three temperature levels provided.

A detachable drip tray and a cup stand prevent any spillage on the floor, which is a nice feature if well designed.

It as well has another feature whereby it ensures perfection for those who love cappuccino and also those who wish to froth, steam and also pour their milk in the cup.

It has a well fixed electric warmer that can heat the cup as the coffee gets prepared. In the process, the taste is also preserved.


  • De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Machine has a high season for coffee brewers hence highly preferred by the users.
  • The device is compact, and it can fit anywhere in the kitchen.
  • The machine is semi-automatic and is highly convenient as well as its better programmable features easing the usage.
  • The De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Machine produces delicious caffeinated drinks that only requires a good grinder.
  • It’s good value for money and is within an affordable price range
  • It also heats up quickly hence saves a lot of time especially if people are expected to attend to other duties.
  • The casing of the machine is made up of stainless steel. It, therefore, retains heat for long enabling the user to obtain a hot drink and it also resists corrosion hence no effect from the corroded metals.


  • The machine does not have a three-way solenoid valve responsible for making a soupy puck of coffee.
  • The user has to read to instructions to be well equipped on proper usage of the machine, although it is a little bit nuisance to the users.
  • The height of the cup cannot be greater than 4 inches, and even the four inches pose challenges when trying to remove it.


With all its weaknesses and strengths, the De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker might be a good enough espresso machine if you look for something within a strict budget. Truth is, it offers a pretty good deal for the price, but don’t expect a barista to be impressed.

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