Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Coffee makers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes these days, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which one would be right for you – without getting bombarded with features and fancy designs. The Bonavita BV1800 is a heavy-duty 8-cup making monster, perfect for families or use within a work space. It’s so highly acclaimed that it is one of very few coffee machines to have been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, despite the product being German-engineered, for its quality and performance.

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The main perks of this coffee machine are its attention to detail and actual quality. Many coffee makers can churn out just any old thing, which often ends up unpleasant and dissatisfying – which can be a pain when you’ve just forked out a great sum of money in the hopes of it replicating the likes of Starbucks. This machine has a 1400W thermal block heater, which ensures that the water heats up quickly and maintains a good temperature for optimum coffee making. Gone are the days of waiting an age for good coffee are over – even though this machine can make up to 8 whole cups – it only takes 5-6 minutes to brew!

Normal coffee machines utilize a glass carafe which, whilst looking trendy, often tend to let coffee go cold prematurely, whereas, the Bonavita has a stainless steel carafe which insulates the coffee and keeps it warmer for longer. Not only is it constructed of stainless steel; it is also double-layered, with a glass lining hidden within the machine. Safety and style come together with the Bonavita’s trigger lid – allowing you to pour eight whole mugs of piping hot coffee with just the trigger of the thumb, to stop even the beginners from burning themselves.

The machine is based heavily around simplicity and ease, which is great for a busy kitchen – easy to clean with its stainless steel finish, easy to fill with a filter bucket and a shower-head function that ensures all coffee grounds are fully saturated into the brew. It’s like visiting the coffee shop, but not even having to leave the comfort of your home – you can make quality coffee in your slippers! We can’t think of anything better than that.

One downfall to this coffee maker is that it is perhaps a bit too much – too much of a good thing – you will probably rarely ever need to make eight whole coffees at once, unless you’re having a really, really hard time with an overdue report. This machine is definitely one for the office, or the staff room – having one of these in a bachelor pad would be foolish – you may think you have a lot of friends, but do you truly have seven other people over at once, on a regular basis? We’d vote no.

Even if you had any doubts about this beautifully stylish machine, it comes with a 2 year warranty – so if you experience any problems with it, you’ll be eligible for repairs, a replacement or a refund in no time. However, we highly doubt you’ll experience nothing but blissful barista-worthy cups of coffee from this little beauty. Simplistic and stylish, the BV1800 is definitely one to get on your Christmas list.

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