How to French Press Coffee – Step by Step Guide

French press, press pot or coffee press is a simple to use coffee brewing device. Its French name is cafetière à piston and it was invented by a French man living in Italy. Over the history french press has undergone different modifications and is now widely used around the world as by far the best product of its kind. Coffee brewed with this device is richer in taste than any other and offers a high quality experience, if you know how to use it. So, you’ve probably asked yourself: How to french press coffee? It’s fairly simple if you know some basic guidelines. All you need is coffee, water, sugar (if you take it) and a proper technique to prepare the perfect cup of coffee for yourself, your friends or family members. Here is a simple step by step guide.
Step 1: Heat the Water Up to the Right Temperature

First, heat the water. For a perfect cup of coffee brewed with a french press, heat the water up to 90 degrees Celsius (190 Fahrenheit). Remember, do not let the water boil. When the water is just about to boil, remove the kettle. It needs to be very hot, but not boiling.

Step 2: Grind the Coffee

Grind your coffee. This step is crucial when it comes to getting the perfect cup of coffee. Grind the coffee right before you brew it, don’t do that earlier, since your coffee will go stale. For one cup of coffee, you need one table spoon of grounds. Obviously, if you are making coffee for a few people, add a table spoon for each cup.

Step 3: Put the Coffee in the Press

Step three is easy. Put the coffee in the press. Take of he lid from your press pot and pour the desired amount of coffee into the bottom of the glass. The quantity of coffee depends on for how much people you’re making it for, as described in the previous step.

Step 4: Pour Water

Now, pour your warmed up, but not boiling water (explained in the first step) into the press. Add one cup of warmed up water per each cup of coffee you want to have. Lift the blunder up and stir the grounded coffee.

Step 5: Wait

Step away, wait for three and a half, up to four minutes (not longer) and when the timer goes off, press the coffee. Don’t forget to leave the plunger up, this way coffee grounds can continue to interact with hot water. Allow it to settle in for twenty to thirty seconds.

Step 6: Press Down

Finally, press down the plunger and let the coffee grinds separate from water. Don’t forget to press down slowly, this will help avoid mixing up the coffee grounds. There is a bit of resistance when pressing, so do it slowly and with a steady pace.

Step 7: Pour Yourself a Cup

After you’ve french pressed the coffee perfectly, pour yourself a cup. Depending on how you take it, at this point you can add cream, sugar or both. Now you know how to french press coffee, take good care of your french press, buy good coffee, drink it and enjoy.

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