How To Clean Your Coffee Maker – Easy, Useful Tips

how to clean your coffee maker

Brewing a pot of morning coffee is a ritual celebrated by cultures all over the world. Everywhere in both urbanized and rural societies will you find at least some coffee drinkers. Modern technology has simplified the coffee brewing process, making it easy to brew coffee no matter your skill level. Making coffee every day can eventually result in ugly looking deposits on and in your pot, leaving you wondering just how to clean it as scrubbing along will not get the job done. This guide will go over the steps necessary to know how to clean your coffee maker and prepare it to brew your next morning coffee.

You should begin by pouring a mixture of white vinegar and water into a container large enough to fill your coffee pot. You will want the mixture to consist of a little less than half vinegar and a little more than half water. Next, you’ll want to put a coffee filter in your maker, as the mixture you just made is going to be used in a moment. After you’ve done that, pour your mixture into the water receptacle of the coffee maker and begin a brew cycle. You will want to wait until the cycle is complete before making any changes, so please be patient, as this is an important part of the procedure and can take time.

After the mixture has passed all the way through, discard your coffee filter and your vinegar mixture. It’s likely that the coffee pot will be very hot after this, so you should wait a few minutes and let the container cool off before continuing. Once roughly 10 minutes have passed, you should thoroughly rinse your coffee pot and refill it with water afterwards. Next you will want to pour the contents of the pot into the coffee maker and complete a brew cycle a second time. This second cycle ensures that all remnants of the vinegar are removed from the interior mechanisms of the coffee maker before your next use. You can skip this second cycle if you are confident there is no vinegar remaining in the coffee maker, but it is recommended that you do not skip it if you want to achieve the most successful cleaning. A helpful tip for avoiding mineral deposits is to put a glass marble in the water chamber, as it will attract any deposits that come with using hard water.

Certain coffee makers are easier to clean than others, so, in the interests of keeping a clean machine, several coffee makers will be shared that are particularly simple to maintain. Believe it or not, the simple glass-pot coffee makers produced by Mr. Coffee are incredibly simple and easy to clean, consisting of very simple machinery and easy to reach components. One such coffee maker is the Mr. Coffee DRX5, because it is just as budget-oriented as it is easy to clean. If you are looking for something more luxurious and more guaranteed to produce high-quality coffee, but you also want cleaning to be easy, the Bunn A10 Pour-o-matic Coffee Brewer is one of many good choices. Since there are so many different brands and models, the two aforementioned products only serve as examples regarding what to look for when selecting an easy to clean coffee maker. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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