Philips Saeco RI9946/47 Xelsis Digital ID Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gone are the days when people used to frequent different coffee shops to get a tantalizing taste of their favorite coffee brand. This drastic changes can be attributed to the fact that a variety of coffee making companies have drastically sprout out leading to the invention of super automatic coffee makers. One of the most advanced coffee maker is definitely the Philips Saeco RI9946/47 Xelsis Digital ID Automatic Espresso Machine. This coffee maker has been developed using the most sophisticated technology which makes it a must have to any coffee lover.

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Phillips Saeco Xelsis Digital ID features and advantages

This coffee maker uses the newly developed fingerprint recognition technology. This identification feature, which is set by simply programming the Xelsis Digital ID, can store information of up to 6 different users. This Digital ID in turn remembers the user by simply detecting the pattern of their fingerprints. This is a great advantage since different users don’t have to feed the coffee maker each and every time they’re making their favorite coffee brand. In turn, the coffee maker makes coffee for the entire family at a quick pace by simply recognizing their fingerprints.

Its brewing system profile comes with 9 different beverages which are fully customizable by strength, temperature, quantity, density of milk froth and length. These features give the user the freedom to choose their most preferred type of coffee, choose the type of aroma they want for their coffee as well as use the most thick milk froth which adds taste and quality.

With just the touch of a button, the coffee maker produces true Italian espresso rich in crema and its dark signature dark color accompanied by sweet tantalizing aroma.

This coffee maker comes with an adjustable ceramic grinder which facilitates easy and complete cleaning. It also comes with a protective coffee bean hopper which ensures that the coffee produced is clean and free from any dirt. This is a great advantage since the user doesn’t have to be worried about the hygienic nature of the coffee produced.

Another great advantage is the fact that the coffee maker can maximize the flavor of the coffee. This can be attributed to the fact that the coffee maker has an inbuilt Saeco optional Aroma system with a pre brewing cycle which injects hot water from the 54 ounce water tank into the ground coffee.

The coffee maker has a well displayed and perfectly arranged touch interface which allows the user to program it. This programming in turn allows the user to make their preferred type of coffee by just a click of a single button.

An integrated automatic milk carafe perfectly adds frothed milk into the coffee cup directly when the required brewing time has been achieved.

It has an automatic cleaning cycle as well as a removable brew group which helps in keeping the machine fresh and clean.

It switches itself off automatically after one hour of use. This is great advantage since the hassles of switching it OFF and ON are highly minimized.

Difficulties such as changing the grinder setting can be hectic to some users. Also, grinds seem to be present on the trays after cleaning. However, these issues are easily solved by simply running a maintenance check on the machine.

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