Jura Impressa Z7 One-Touch Automatic Coffee Center Review

Jura is a pioneer among coffee machine producers. It stands out from the competition, because of sophisticated design and reliability. Jura has created the Z7 based on the popular Z5 and Z6 platforms. This model has been uprooted to feature a height and width-adjustable beverage dispenser and simpler beverage volume controls.

I’ve never had any problems with my Impressa Z7. I used to have 3 other coffee machines and they were like 70% worse than my Jura. They were still breaking down or just jamming, so I was buying a new machine one by one. And after those 3 terrible coffee centers, I decided to buy something more expensive. Actually, very expensive.

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Benefits of the Jura Impressa Z7

Despite spending over $2K spent on the Impressa Z7, I do not regret it. It really paid off, because now I have a reliable device, which makes great coffee and I even got a cup warmer, on which I can set a specific time, when my cups will be warmed. It’s really great, because a coffee does not lose heat so fast. It’s not just a showpiece that looks great but breaks down after 2 months. Jura Impressa Z7 confirms my thesis that stuff made in Europe (Z7 is from Switzerland) is more solid.

The features of this machine are very advanced and easy to use. Of course, you can change coffee strength, the amount of steamed milk and coffee volume. It has an autocleaning system and a bean container that is really spacious. You will never hear a sound of empty grinder or see a half full cup, because the bean sensor will let you know when it needs a re-fill.

Impressa Z7 comes with two 1350W thermoblock heating systems and a 15-bar pump for quick drink preparation anytime. The whole coffee machine is made of high quality chromed steel and is very easy to clean. Three buttons can be programmed to be shortcuts to 3 different black coffee-cups in terms of quantity of water, coffee strength and brewing temperature, eg. espresso, ristretto. Select the desired beverage and the Z7 will grind, tamp and extract in less than 60 sec. There’s also a possibility to program 2 buttons as well for milk coffees, eg. cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Z-line series is also much more silent than models from series Ena-line, F-line, S-line, C-line and coffee machines from other brands. “State of the art” technology let us make a perfect, creamy foam. This machine is equipped with a Zero-Energy Switch and E.S.M. – technologies that help you to save energy. So the electricity bills will be lower than you would expect.


Despite that everything is clear and easy to make, I’d prefer a color LCD screen instead of red one. But it’s just a detail. So to sum up, the only disadvantage I noticed is really high price.


If you decide to purchase the Jura Impressa Z7, you will get a beautiful, flawless machine, which makes great coffee. It’s a great choice for small flats or when somebody has a small child at home. And of course, cleaning tablets and filters are included. If you have any problems with using the Z7, you’ll find all the information you need in the instruction manual, or you can just call Jura Customer Support, which is very helpful.

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