Keurig K65 Home Brewing System Review

Coffee drinking has been popular for over a millennium, more popular now than it ever has been. 900 million people world-wide drink coffee, making it one of the largest industries in the world. With such a huge market, you have companies bringing products out all the time, attempting to succeed from the large market. Keurig is a popular name that has been making waves in the single-serve coffee brewing industry. They are a branch of Mr. Coffee, a manufacturer making coffee machines for over 50 years. This assures that you have the high-quality build of the world’s biggest coffee maker manufacturer. The Keurig K65 is the flagship model, the exact same model that put them in the spotlight for single-serve coffee systems.

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The features of the K65 are rather extensive and user-friendly, making for the ultimate brewing experience. The K65 has the ability to brew you a perfect cup of coffee in less than 1 minute. This feature is what has made this single serve brewer such a phenomenon, in a world that time is precious, a perfect cup of coffee in 1 minute or less is hard to beat. This is accomplished by a 60 ounce water reservoir that allows the water to instantly go through the heating element. Energy is not being used while the machine is not brewing, so energy efficiency is high.

Each cup of coffee or hot beverage is fully customized for the ultimate drinkers experience. The selectable 6 ounce, 8 ounce, or 10 ounce feature allows you to brew the perfect size cup every time. The temperature of each cup brewed is also adjustable, allowing every cup fully customized. These features are possible by the LCD control panel that has push button controls that allow full customization of the brew. This LCD control panel makes life simple for the user, adjustable with just 1 push of the button, with a backlit glow, brewing in the dark is done easily. The control panel is fully programmable if you wish to make the same cup every time, it will remember to do that for you. It also features a programmable clock, eliminating the need to hang a wall clock.

Cleaning the Keurig k65 is a breeze with the self-clean option, you will never manually clean the machine. A removable drip tray will catch any drop that doesn’t make it in the cup, eliminating any mess. High clearance will allow large cups to fit for brewing, allowing you to use your favorite cup. The machine won’t take up a lot of space on your countertop, with a small footprint of 14.9×14.2×12.2 inches overall, and a lightweight 2 pounds. The beautiful black base color, accented with chrome give a beautiful modern look that will match any kitchen.

K-cups are available in nearly every retail store and online, with 50 different flavors available. The machine also has an optional accessory that allows you to brew with your own teas, coffee, or hot chocolate, giving you flexibility to brew any beverage you want. This part is not included with the machine, so you will have to buy it separate.

Overall the Keurig k65 brings sophistication and simplicity together to make the ultimate brewing experience. The ease of use makes this unit a great option for anyone. The simple instruction booklet will guide you along if you have any troubles. Keurig includes a 1 year warranty with their products, assuring you a quality brewing machine.

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