Capresso 565 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder Review

The American company Capresso, now owned by the Swiss Jura AG, is widely renowned for its well-designed, premium coffee equipment in the global markets. The name “Capresso” is a combination of the words “cappuccino” and “espresso”, which aptly symbolizes the company’s mission of bringing the European brand of coffee to the American markets. Capresso’s product line features an impressive collection of drip machines, coffee makers, grinders, kettles and frothing machines. Winner of many prestigious design awards, Capresso products boast high-end aesthetics, ergonomic features and latest technological upgrades.

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Capresso has been producing some excellent mid-range grinders, which combine quality and affordability for the consumers and they have proved to be major successes too. The Capresso 565 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder belongs to the same category but it comes loaded with features which are usually found in the high-end products. An upgrade from the earlier Capresso 560 series of grinders, the Capresso 565 features a very neat and clean stainless steel design which allows it to fit in any modern kitchen. Listed below are its important features in detail, and our final verdict on the Capresso 565.

Key Specifications

1) 16-Texture Grind Settings – The Infinity conical grinder is designed with precision controlled 16 different grinding texture settings, which allow the users to try a variety of tastes. A wide range of grinding options, ranging from the Turkish Fine to the French Press at the coarsest, are available in the Capresso 565 making it an outstanding, versatile product. The 16 settings are not the highest number on a coffee grinder, which you can find in the market nowadays, but do you really need a 100 settings to grind your coffee to? To lend further credit to Capresso 565’s versatility, the 16 texture settings can be further refined with 4 extra options – Extra Fine, Fine, Regular and Coarse.

2) Solid Conical Steel Burrs – It comes equipped with 100-Watt commercial grade, solid steel conical burrs which are designed with high precision and advanced cutting mechanism, to ensure that the coffee has a uniform and consistent grind quality to it. The key contributors to the accuracy of grind are the precision cut burrs, that are all cut within 1/250th of an inch of one another.

3) Low-Speed RPM motor – For a great grind quality, it is imperative that the coffee grinder has a slow grinding speed so that each coffee bean can be dealt with precision and zero damage to the bean’s quality. The Capresso 565 contains an excellent gear-reduction motor, with an RPM of less than 450 per minute which is the slowest grinding speed in its class. Grinders which have a fast motor RPM tend to grind faster, and in the process heat up and re-grind the coffee beans, thus destroying some of its flavour and aroma. Because the Capresso 565 has a low motor RPM, it creates less friction and heat build up which damages the quality of beans thus, preserving the maximum aroma and flavour in any grind setting. Also, given its low RPM, the Capresso 565 is also one of the quietest grinders around and has a low static build up.

4) Timer-Based Grinding System – The Capresso 565 has a mechanical timer which can be set from 5-60 seconds, allowing you to relax and finish off other things while your coffee is ground. There is also the additional Pulse grinding feature available, which allows you to pulse the grinder to get the kind of grind you want.

5) Stainless Steel Coated Finish – It is quite hefty to lift, and the reason for that is the heavy duty, zinc die-cast housing used in building its body. The Capresso 560 series, the predecessor of the Capresso 565, used an inferior thermoplastic as its building material, which is cheaper and is much less durable and sturdy. The zinc body is further coated with a shiny, stainless steel layer which makes it look stylish as well as protects from any stains or coffee dust or fingerprints settling on its body.

6) Additional Features – The Capresso 565 has a large hopper which is capable of holding 8.8 ounces or 240 grams of beans, ensuring that you do not have to bother about refilling it every other day or so. The ground container too is large enough, and has a capacity of 110 grams or 4 oz. There is also a safety lock feature, which ensures the coffee does not spill while grinding. A Cleaning Brush and Measuring Scoop are also included and the entire bundle costs you $149.95 at and other websites.


  • Quality Components – These include the commercial grade conical burrs, the excellent low RPM gear-reduction motor and the sturdy Zinc based body design;
  • Uniform, consistent grind quality of beans;
  • 16-texture settings;
  • Quite small, easy to fit anywhere in the kitchen or the house;
  • Easy to use and clean;
  • Quiet operation.


  • Slightly inconsistent Mechanical timer (due to the reason that the machine starts grinding as soon as the timer is set, which moves forward without any actual grinding been done leading to inconsistent ground quantities.);
  • Hopper is not perfectly airtight (so you are advised not to store beans for more than a few days);
  • No porta-filter (you will have to transfer the grounds to a brewing machine by hands);
  • Dark Roast beans can lead to an oilier, messier burrs and chutes in the grinder.


The Capresso 565 is another premium quality product from the company, and is loaded with enough high-end features which make it a must buy. There are a few shortcomings, noticeably the slightly outdated and inconsistent mechanical timer but at $125, it is an ideal buy as you can confirm by the vast number of positive votes this product has received all over. There are not really many competitors for the Capresso 565 at this price level, and you can easily see why it is a best-seller in the market in its class. It is better in quality, versatility, utility and affordability than its competitors and with the esteemed Capresso technology built into it, it is a definite winner.

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