How to Make the Best Coffee

how to make the best coffee

A cup of coffee is not just a drink. Those who drink coffee know that the right cup of coffee is everything. It is energy, it is routine and sanity in a cup! Though many may begin their day with a casual cup of morning brew, only true coffee lovers appreciate the importance of the perfect cup. It has to be the right strength, sweetness and creaminess. When you get just the right amount of cream and a little bit of sugar, a great cup of coffee can change a bad day to a good day fast.

There are several ways you can get your perfect cup of coffee every time. Here are ways you can pick up your morning, make the best coffee and enjoy the best day!

A K-Cup is the Perfect Cup

If you would rather skip the fuss of brewing coffee, or simply don’t have the time, the Keurig Coffee Maker is the perfect solution. Simply, choose your perfect K-cup blend and pop the small cup inside the coffee maker. Depending on the Keurig model, you may be able to choose the size of your cup, 6, 8 or 10 ounces. Keurig boasts to create the perfect cup every time. It eliminates the guesswork on how much coffee to add, pre-measuring every dose in the convenience of a K-cup.

The Traditional Brew

When you brew your coffee traditionally, you have more control over how your coffee tastes. The more coffee you add, the stronger your coffee will be. Be careful to use the minimum effective dose as too much coffee and too little water, can make your coffee too rich. Not to mention, caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Drinking too much coffee can make you feel jittery or backfire on you and make you feel tired instead of feeling energized.

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Instantly Yours

Instant coffee starts with boiling, hot water and a particular blend of coffee crystals. Most coffee brands provide instant varieties right on the grocer’s shelf next to the traditional brew. Instant coffee has a different taste from normally brewed coffee, so be sure to taste the blend before you purchase it in large quantities.

Using Creamer

The right cream can turn your coffee from a morning jolt to a creamy delight. Cream can come in the form of powdered or liquid creamer, milk or half-and-half. It comes in a variety of delectable flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Irish Crème. Some people prefer regular whole milk or reduced fat. Each cream type affects the way your coffee tastes.

Sweeten Your Cup

Add sugar, Splenda, Equal or other sweetener to boost the flavor and savory sweetness in every cup. There are some people who use brown sugar and others who use agave to sweeten their coffee. An afternoon cup of coffee can feel like a sweet dessert.

The key to finding your best cup of coffee is to know what you like. Sometimes, this means going through several BAD cups, until you discover your perfect cup. One thing veteran coffee drinkers know is that once you get your perfect coffee recipe, you can enjoy its rewards daily.

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