Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine Review

Coffee is one of those drinks that top the list of most consumed beverages world over. If you cannot survive a single day without taking one, two, or up to three cups of coffee, you know exactly what it means to be a coffee addict. In fact, most medically confirmed coffee lovers do not understand why they have to follow long queues behind people who only see coffee as a recreational drink! It is for this reason that the ingenious espresso machine was invented, more so the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe espresso machine. This is an espresso machine that produces a perfectly blended coffee beans mixture, all in the comfort of your home. If you want to put a personal spin to your favorite drink, why not try out a homemade concoction? See what wonders a Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe machine can do!

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Some people may argue that even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all. Well, there is also a good number that would disagree with this. Once you have used the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine, your whole mindset on home- made coffee will be changed. Besides being one of the best Italian coffee makers in the market so far, the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe boasts of a few other advantages that set it apart from the other espresso machines. This is a coffee maker that is built witha lot of precision. It has a stainless steel body frame with a timeless design that has both a modern and classic style that makes it very easy on the eyes of the beholder. This is simply Italian craftsmanship at its best! Being a high technology machine, it is no wonder the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe offers personalization of user’s profile settings to be adjusted as one may please. In addition to this, the espresso machine is capable of making up to four cups at a go. Its quick heat boiler is fitted specifically to save the user time in case the coffee gets cold before the pot runs dry.

Ideally, this Italian coffee maker is flawless. Unlike its counterparts, it is very simple to clean seeing that it has an added feature that allows for automatic rinsing and descaling of the machine. In real essence, this is a feature that ensures that your coffee maker remains in tip top shape for the longest time possible. Also, the property of the espresso maker to automatically convert the milk into some sort of velvet froth with foam is what benchmarks this espresso machine. The extra cream without compromise to the coffees’ rich original taste and sweet aroma is a bonus to this awesome creation that is not evidenced in the other espresso makers.

Does the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe have any weaknesses?

Leaning towards the cons, it is evident that this kind of coffee machine is definitely not build to make regular coffee. It only brews café Americano and lungo. This may or may not be a problem to coffee consumers. It all depends on how you like your coffee. Aside from that, this model boasts of color coded icons that ought to make the machine simple to use and completely user friendly. Some customers have however pointed out in the recent past that this machine’s display screen looks sort of snowy thus proving to be quite difficult to make out the wordings that are displayed.

Also, not forgetting, matters concerning the price of a product are usually a major concern for most people when they are looking into purchasing. Compared to the likes of Gaggia Brera superautomatic and the Saeco Intelia Focus EVO2 Deluxe espresso machines, the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe is one really expensive product. By crossing the $1,000 mark, it supersedes the regular coffee maker’s price tag by quite a margin. Even so, rest assured that you will enjoy every penny of your money’s worth.


This is a machine that guarantees to save you power and at the same time offers a larger reservoir for water thus is suitable to be used in either a domestic or a commercial set up. Whichever way you go, have no doubt that the Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine is your best choice.

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