Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System Review [Updated 2020]

Are you tired of waking up in the morning and filling your coffee maker, then waiting for it to brew? At last, Brew Express has eliminated the need, with its direct water connection.

Are you looking for a machine that you can make any hot beverage with? Yes, I said any hot beverage. With the Brew Express BEC-110BS you can make as much coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever else you can think of, without too much hassle.

This wonderful machine features a direct connection to a water source, which means no reservoir filling. This feature is fantastic, as you can make pot after pot of your favorite hot beverage without ever stopping. This makes the Brew Express perfect for commercial and residential use. It will start brewing at the push of a button.

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It also features an adjustable cup selector, which allows you to make 1 serving or 10 servings, according to your needs. This feature is very convenient, as it allows you to make several different types of drinks very quickly. This machine doesn’t have a hot plate like conventional coffee makers. The coffee is dispensed into an insulated container, called a carafe. The water is heated up internally allowing your beverage to come out at the right temperature every time.

Small, the Brew Express BEC-110BS is about the best you can get for saving space. Its overall footprint is small enough to fit just about anywhere, saving valuable counter space. This is nearly impossible to find in a machine that is capable of commercial use. The Brew Express has a very modern external design of stainless steel and black. This is great, since it will fit nicely in any kitchen, and will go well together with other stainless steel appliances.

Maybe the greatest thing about this coffee maker is the durable internal design. Since it is designed for commercial and residential use, it will last a lifetime. Brew Express runs several thousand cycles through their machines to assure that they will preform perfectly for many years of continual daily use. They also warranty the BEC-110BS for 1 year, which proves they stand behind their products.

This coffee maker can totally replace single serving machines, since it has the capability to make just 1 cup. It includes a special basket, designed for single cup applications. This feature is amazing, and totally replaces my single cup brewer, at the same time having the ability to brew enough for the whole family and then some.

Brew Express includes an instruction manual that is very descriptive, and will answer any questions that you might have about the machine. The instruction manual has a page where you can register your machine with Brew Express. This is fairly easy, but takes a few moments to be filled out and sent to them. It’s fairly important that you do register your machine, to activate your warranty.

My overall impression of the Brew Express 110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System is fantastic. I love how easy it is to operate, and program. The quality of the machine is extremely well built and durable. I love the direct water connection, makes brewing coffee simple and quick. The overall time to brew 10 cups of coffee with the Brew Express is 5 minutes and 30 seconds, I find this amazingly quick. The ability to make a single serving of any hot beverage is what sold me on the Brew Express. Great job Brew Express, another 5 star product!

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